Carbonara Without Egg
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This is my own recipe, derived from an Italian friend’s mother’s recipe for something else. I made it for another Italian friend who said it was delicious, but became very animated when I declared that it was my carbonara recipe. Apparently to be a carbonara, it has to be made with eggs. Here is my carbonara (without egg) recipe.


  • Pasta
  • Mushrooms (Optional)
  • Chicken (Optional)
  • Peas, onions, leeks, spinach or other veg that doesn’t have a strong flavor (Optional)

Carbonara Sauce

  • Cream
  • Bacon
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Pepper
  • Spices (Optional)

Directions For The Carbonara Sauce

  1. Finely grate parmesan into a pot.
  2. Add cream and cook on a very low heat.
  3. Dice, then cook the bacon.
  4. Add pepper to the cream, to taste.
  5. If the parmesan is not a very good one (taste the cream to see if it has complex flavours or if it’s just bland), add spices such as smoked paprika to make the sauce nice.
  6. Once the bacon is cooked, add the cream mixture to the pan. As you stir, you will see the cream change colour as it takes up all the flavors from the bacon fat imbued into the pan. It’s very important to pour the cream into the same pan you cooked the bacon with in order to get all the delicious flavours.
  7. Add the other cooked ingredients to the pan, then stir and serve.
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