Dukkah Chicken With Hummus
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Dukkah Chicken With Hummus

This is a super easy meal to make, which is inexpensive and healthy. It goes well with all types of crisp vegetables, but today I used green capsicum and zucchini.


  • Chicken mince
  • Masterfoods Roast chicken seasoning (Salt, Chicken Flavour 19%, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic 9%, Rosemary 8%, Pepper 5%, Onion, Lemon Peel, Chilli 2.5%, Lemon Oil, Food Acid (Citric)) – or any spice blend you feel like, really
  • Hummus
  • Dukkah
  • Vegetables (green capsicum and zucchini)
  • Oil
  • Salt


  1. Cook the veggies in a little oil
  2. Cook the chicken and add the roast chicken seasoning as it cooks
  3. Spread some hummus on a plate
  4. Put the vegetables on the hummus
  5. Put a little more hummus on the vegetables if you like
  6. Put the chicken on top
  7. Add more hummus and then some dukkah to finish
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