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2 February, 2021

Dukkah Chicken With Hummus

Dukkah Chicken With Hummus
Posted in : Dinner on by : Lewis Hurst

This is a super easy meal to make, which is inexpensive and healthy. It goes well with all types of crisp vegetables, but today I used green capsicum and zucchini. Ingredients Chicken mince Masterfoods Roast chicken seasoning (Salt, Chicken Flavour 19%, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic 9%, Rosemary 8%, Pepper 5%, Onion, Lemon Peel, Chilli 2.5%, Lemon
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22 June, 2020

Chorizo Chicken

Posted in : Dinner, European on by : Lewis Hurst
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This recipe is for a creamy sauce that takes it’s flavour from roasted garlic, shallots and chorizo sausage. It’s very simple but delicious and has complex flavours, despite it’s basic ingredients list. The sauce would also be suitable for a pasta. Ingredients Chicken Vegetables (I suggest mashed potato with salad leaves or greens such as
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