Egg Fried Rice
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The trick to good egg fried rice is in the way you cook the egg. You have to cook it a little bit, then mix the rice in before it finishes cooking so it spreads through, and binds nicely with the rice. Under cooking the egg before mixing means that you won’t be able to cook the egg properly once it’s mixed.

To make your egg fried rice taste just like egg fried rice from the Chinese takeaway, fry the rice with margarine.


  • Rice
  • Oil (I used sesame oil, but I also like sunflower oil)
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables (I used cabbage, onions and carrots)
  • Meat (Sausages or meatballs broken up work perfectly, and add their own flavour)
  • Black pepper


  1. Cook the rice
  2. Cook the vegetables and meat (meat takes slightly longer to cook)
  3. Make space in your frying pan for the eggs, cook the eggs a little bit (ideally with onions) as per the introductory paragraph in this article, then mix in the rice to finish cooking the eggs.
  4. Mix with black pepper and serve.
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