How To Make Perfect Egg Fried Rice In A Rice Cooker
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We all know that the way to make perfect rice every time is with a rice cooker, but did you know that you can also make perfect egg fried rice with a rice cooker?

To make egg fried rice with a rice cooker, simply cook the rice in the rice cooker as normal, then when it’s finished cooking (the rice cooker will change from “cook” mode to “warm” mode), open the lid, crack 1 egg onto the rice (per cup of rice), give it a quick stir* and put the lid back on. Wait about a minute or so and it’s done – perfect egg fried rice every time.

Once your egg fried rice is cooked, you can then add your favourite (cooked) egg fried rice ingredients to the mix. Personally, I like to add diced sausages, veggies and black pepper. I find the black pepper and flavour of the sausages works really well.

*Sometimes after cracking the egg into the rice, I give it a moment with the lid on until the egg starts to cook before stirring it into the rice.

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